Prenatal & Postnatal Exercises for Pelvic Girdle Pain

Dr. Olivia Avolio

Hi, it’s Dr. Olivia. To go through a couple of pelvic girdle exercises that you can do at home during pregnancy, as well as postpartum.

Pelvic girdle pain is really, really common. These actions are just going to help you feel better during your pregnancy and after while taking care of your little one at home. These exercises can be done every day. I typically recommend to my patients that they do know in the morning, as well as at night. Because it just helps you feel and move better throughout the day and then have much better sleep at night. These exercises I typically recommend to you on some sort of yoga mat so you can do alongside your bed or on a carpeted surface. You can do it in bed if you want but it tends to be a little bit too squishy and you might fall sick which is not ideal.

Let’s go through the exercises together. You’re going to lie on your back in this position. You might find it uncomfortable so if that’s the case, you want to place your hands right underneath your low back. It’ll help to make you feel a little better. Then you’re going to bring your feet down to a butterfly position, sorry knees. Then you’re going to place your feet together. Now in this position, you might find that it’s still uncomfortable so you’re either place some sort of pillow or bolster underneath your knees which will just help to support you. Then you’re going to lie in this position for about 30 seconds. You can either just lie here and relax, leave and squeeze your glutes, you can tweet your right glute you can squeeze, your left glute or you can squeeze your glutes together.

Then from this position, you’re going to bring your knees back up to neutral feet, planted on the floor. You’re going to squeeze your knees and your thighs three times, you’re going to squeeze and hold for three and relax. Squeeze and hold for three and relax. And then squeeze and hold for three and relax.

The last one is a glute bridge so we’re going to bring your feet hip-width apart, you’re going to squeeze your glutes together, and push yourself up. In this position, you’re going to hold for about 15 seconds before you bring it back down. And then turn back into a butterfly position.

Now the goal is that you want to do this at least four to five times each time that you do it. You have to remember that the first couple of times might be really, really uncomfortable. That is normal, it should get a lot better to move and feel better once you continue on doing these exercises.


Okay, good luck

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