Pediatric Care for Your Little Ones

Feel safe and confident knowing that your little ones are receiving the best evidence-based pediatric care from our team of wellness experts.  From assessing your child’s milestone development, injury treament, plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome) to crawling tips and even advice on sleep issues. We’re here for you.

Pediatric services


Pediatric care massage

Safe and gentle for baby, infant massage can help ease gas pains and relax your little one

Pediatric care Chiropractic

Expert pediatric chiropractic care - overall wellness care, and oral work for tongue-ties

Pediatric care Physiotherapy

If you have a concern about your baby's development, our physios can help

Pediatric care Occupational Therapy

Starting solids help, milestone evaluations, sensory assessments and more


Pediatric care Mental Health Support

Virtual mental health support for families and kids

Lactation care Support

IBCLC Lactation Consultants to help you achieve your breastfeeding goals

Osteopathic Care

Osteopathy provides a gentle treatment for the whole body. When the body functions better it can easily manage pain, improve mobility and restore health.


Sleep care support

Helping your baby - and your entire
family - get their best sleep

Pediatric classes & workshops

Join us for workshops and classes to help you, your little one, and your entire family.




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Direct insurance billing

Oona works with insurance companies to do online billing for treatments, whenever possible. Simply ask if your insurance company is compliant when you book your appointment.

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