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We do direct insurance billing, wherever possible

We get it. No one — especially not pregnant mamas or those with little ones around — has time to deal with insurance companies. It can be complicated to find out what you have coverage for, and to figure out how to be reimbursed for those services. 

We’re here to make life easier for you.

We work together with many major insurance companies. Most of them (though unfortunately not all) let us do your direct insurance billing for you — this means that they will just pay us, instead of you having to pay at the time of your visit in Toronto & Newmarket.

What does this mean for you? Less hassle, since you don’t have to submit the claim, and fewer out-of-pocket expenses, since you only pay what they don’t cover.

Please note: while we will always try our hardest to do insurance billing whenever possible, direct billing is not guaranteed. 

Are all of your services eligible for direct insurance billing?

How do I know how much insurance coverage I have?

We would be very happy to call your insurance company on your behalf to find out your coverage for you. If you require this service, we ask that you kindly arrive about 15-20 minutes before your first appointment in order for us to make that call, as they will require you to give us authorization to do so.

Alternatively, you can call them and ask what your coverage is, or look in your employee insurance handbook. If you can’t decipher your insurance handbook, bring it in and we’ll figure it out together.

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Which companies can Oona do insurance billing for?

  • Canada Life
  • Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance
  • Cowan
  • Desjardins
  • First Canadian
  • Greenshield
  • GroupHEALTH
  • GroupSource
  • Industrial Alliance
  • Johnson Inc.
  • Johnston Group
  • Manion
  • Manulife Financial
  • Maximum Benefit
  • Sun Life Financial

My insurance company isn’t listed here. Does that mean that I won’t be reimbursed for my appointment?

Not at all. It simply means that we won’t be able to do your billing directly for you. We will still provide you with your receipt at the time of your appointment in Toronto & Newmarket locations — both in digital and on paper — and you simply have to enter the details into your own insurance company’s claims system for reimbursement. If you require assistance with your claim process we would be happy to help you with that.

Our practitioners are listed with Blue Cross so that you can be reimbursed by them for your treatments. Unfortunately we are not able to direct bill to Blue Cross.

Do you do coordination of benefits?

We do not offer coordination of benefits, simply because in our experience, getting it to work with our system is a little hit-and-miss and we can’t guarantee that it will work. Once your benefits are used up, we will provide you with all of the necessary paperwork for you to submit to your partner’s insurance for reimbursement.

What happens when I run out of benefits?

All treatments must be paid for at the time of the appointment in our Toronto and Newmarket locations. If you run out of insurance, you may pay by cash, debit or credit card.

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