How We Are Keeping You Safe During COVID

At Oona, our top priority is the well-being of our patients and staff. We are committed to ensuring that our clinics are as safe as possible for our clients and those that work with us. Read on to see how we are keeping everyone safe in our clinics.

Clinical appointment mask policy: All staff and patients (except those under 2) must wear masks in all common areas and for their treatments. 

Studio class and workshop mask policy: Bring your mask with you, as masks must still be worn in all common areas. Inside the studio itself, masks are highly recommended, but optional.  

Before Your Appointment

A pre screening questionnaire will automatically be sent to you about 12 hours before your appointment. Fill this out to let us know how you’re feeling and to make sure you’re in good shape to attend your appointment.

Our staff and practitioners will also be pre-screening before they come to work, to ensure that we are keeping each other safe and healthy.

During Your Appointment


All of our practitioners and staff will be wearing medical masks to keep our patients, and each other - safe. All patients (except those under 2) must also wear masks to their appointments - we recommend the best quality mask you can find.

In an effort to reduce the number of people in reception at one time, we kindly request that you don’t arrive more than 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment time.

Every treatment room and all of our public spaces are outfitted with BlueAir® Air Purifiers, fully changing the air 5x/hour. These are medical-grade filters, providing surgically clean air for our staff and patients.

Hand sanitizer pumps are available all around the clinics - please sanitize your hands before and after your appointments

All of our public spaces are sanitized and disinfected regularly throughout the day

After Your Appointment

We will use the credit card that we’ve got on file for you to deal with your payment (whatever your insurance doesn’t cover, that is!), in an effort to minimize contact. Your invoice will be emailed to you for your safekeeping, and we’ll do your rebooking for you before you leave.

Our practitioners have built-in time between appointments in order to fully and thoroughly disinfect all of the surfaces in their rooms, including tables, chairs, pillows, light switches, and door handles.