Why We Love the Ameda Breast Pumps

Ameda vs. Medela Breast Pumps

We get it – you’ve all heard of Medela pumps but Ameda may be new to you. Ameda is the most popular brand in Europe but it’s just starting to make a name for itself here in Canada. It’s the #1 most recommended brand by Lactation Consultants.

There’s a reason we carry Ameda and not Medela. The number one reason is the closed pump system which means that nothing is going to get into your pump, which means it’s safer for everyone. Beyond that though, this pump is incredible.

Why we love the Ameda Pumps:

  • Ameda is the industry benchmark for electric pumps
  • They are user friendly, easy to assemble and take apart for cleaning
  • The comfortable suction effectively mimics the feeding cycle from a baby
  • They have hospital grade suction and the widest wide range of breast flanges on the market for optimal milk collection
  • These pumps operate on a closed system, so no chance of milk getting into places that can’t be thoroughly cleaned! Medela at-home pumps do not have this feature – this also means that you should be able to resell your pump when you’re done with it since you can be sure that it’s hygienic and safe for the next user
  • All of the parts (such as the HygeniKit) are compatible with both the rental pump and the portable electric Ameda pumps. If you’ve rented the Hospital Ameda pump before and you have the HygeniKit already, there’s no need to purchase different parts and learn a new system!
  • We carry a wide range of accessories or extra parts but anything we don’t have can be purchased online easily
  • Ameda is WHO compliant, and actively supports the International Code of Marketing Breast Milk Substitutes.

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