How Can Prenatal Counselling Help?

The reality of pregnancy is different from the vision of elegant serenity that we’re shown on social media. Unfortunately, pregnancy isn’t all glowing skin and reading books to your growing belly. For many women, there are as many downsides as there are upsides. Luckily, as part of Oona’s prenatal services, we offer prenatal counselling sessions.

Unlike other forms of prenatal therapy such as pelvic floor physiotherapy and massage therapy, prenatal counselling is often underutilized. Part of the benefit of prenatal counselling is that it provides you with a safe space to talk about concerns that aren’t typically discussed regarding pregnancy. Speaking to a licensed expert can help diminish any negative feelings you may be experiencing.

There are plenty of prenatal counselling benefits so if you’ve ever been curious, you’ve come to the right place!

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What Is Prenatal Counselling?

The aim of prenatal counselling is to help mamas overcome a range of concerns and ease the transition from pregnancy into motherhood. It’s okay to be having a hard time. Any worries or fears you may have regarding life after birth, relationship changes, childbirth itself, the changes your body is going through and your mental wellbeing are all legitimate.

Finding help by talking to a professional is a responsible step you can take towards improving your mental wellbeing. Prenatal counselling benefits mamas by providing them with the opportunity to sit down with one of our expert counsellors who can normalize uncertainties you may be experiencing.

Sort through any conflicting emotions and improve your mental wellbeing while your baby is still in the womb. The following are some of the most common reasons mamas consider including counselling in their Toronto and Newmarket prenatal services.

Stress & Expectations

There is a lot of pressure placed on women when it comes to growing a baby. Not only are they concerned about making sure they’re doing everything right, but there are other people who feel the need to constantly put in their own two cents on the matter. When you’re pregnant you are constantly bombarded with outside influences telling you what you’re doing wrong, what you should be doing differently and everything that could potentially go wrong. It can be a lot to handle on an average day but can be especially overwhelming when you’re pregnant.

One of prenatal counselling’s benefits is that is can help women sift through all the information being thrown at them. There is no magical answer when it comes to being a parent and doing everything perfectly. It’s okay to make mistakes or not know the right thing to do – part of prenatal counselling is finding a way to accept that.

Anxiety & Depression

It’s normal to feel worried or low spirited during pregnancy. However, for some women, these feelings can manifest in prenatal anxiety or depression. Regrettably, if these mental health concerns go untreated, and oftentimes they do, it can result in serious challenges for both you and your little one.

Anxiety and depression during pregnancy are usually pretty strong predictors of postpartum depression; a mood disorder associated with childbirth. Our prenatal services in Newmarket can help women learn various coping strategies and lifestyle changes they can implement that can potentially make a significant difference. This may include preemptively scheduling postpartum counselling sessions or bringing parenting partners in to discuss how they can support mama.

Body Image

When we’re so used to seeing our bodies looking one way, it can be hard to see it transform over the duration of each trimester. It can be extremely heartbreaking to dislike your body at a time when society expects you to love it. A benefit of prenatal counselling is to help mamas accept the changes to your body throughout pregnancy.

Part of the process in accepting these changes is to identify and manage what triggers these thoughts and feelings. You will also work with your counsellor to challenge any unhelpful thoughts and behaviours that are the result of a deeper issue. Identifying the root causes of what you’re experiencing will help you feel like yourself again.

When women seek support through prenatal counselling benefits, they are also better equipped to deal with the wave of physical changes that happen postpartum.

Past Trauma

You can research and prepare for childbirth all you want, but sometimes it just doesn’t go according to plan. A major component of our prenatal counselling services is working with mamas who have already gone through childbirth, but have experienced some kind of trauma such as an assisted delivery, emergency C-section or a baby born with an unexpected birth defect.

It’s common when these women become pregnant once again for issues like recurring nightmares, traumatic flashbacks and a debilitating lost trust in health care providers to surface. Oona’s prenatal services in Toronto and Newmarket will provide tools distressed mamas need to work through these painful memories. Instead, they will be assisted in remaining focused on the present and their current pregnancy.

Who Is Prenatal Counselling For?

Prenatal counselling benefits parents of all kinds. If you’re a first-time mama with fears regarding the unknown or a family already with three kids, you can schedule an appointment. Partners are welcome too! Pregnancy and life after birth aren’t just stressful for the parent who is pregnant, but for everyone involved.

No need to worry if you’ve never seen a counsellor before either. There is no better time than right now to start getting the help that you need. And if you have taken advantage of our prenatal services in Newmarket and Toronto, then welcome back! We’d be more than happy to see you again.

Remember that everybody is different. Just like how one pregnancy experience will always differ from another, so will your experience with prenatal counselling. Some mamas feel better after only a couple of sessions, while others may take longer to feel better. There is no “right” time frame when it comes to mental health. Just take it one day at a time.

If you or your partner are experiencing any doubts or stress during your pregnancy, we highly recommend that you book an appointment with one of our expert counsellors before the baby comes. The only thing you’ll regret about going to prenatal counselling is that you didn’t go sooner! Contact us today.

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