Body Confidence During Pregnancy

Contributing post by Joyce Lim, Founder and President of Sprout Collection, a maternity clothing rental subscription company based in Toronto.


Most first time mamas don’t realize that a rapidly blooming belly is just one of the many changes your body will go through during pregnancy. Engorged breasts and enlarged hips, butt and thighs are just some of the body changes that come with the territory. These are totally normal (and expected) experiences of pregnancy but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t feel surreal. Oftentimes, you’ll feel as though you’re no longer the one in control and your body is no longer yours but merely a house for your baby to grow in.

No one tells you or prepares you for the rollercoaster of emotions you’re going to feel during your labor of love. I remember being 3 months pregnant and feeling a wave of anxiety hit me when I struggled, and failed, to get into my favourite pair of jeans for work one morning. Frantic, I tried on every pair of jeans I owned and realized that I couldn’t fit into any one of them. I was already half an hour late for work by the time I stood in the middle of my room, clothes strewn everywhere, despairing at my new body and lack of clothing options. I threw on a dumpy oversized sweater, climbed into some leggings and headed out. Needless to say, I was not feeling body confident that day and the fact that I wasn’t wearing the clothes I liked wearing also contributed to that sense of body dis-empowerment.

On hindsight, what I should have done that morning, instead of being upset or being in denial, was to embrace these changes and to start connecting with my new body. I had to learn to re-love my body and start feeling comfortable and confident again in my new skin. I had to understand that though it was changing, this body was (and still is) essentially and wholly mine.

Of course, confidence starts from within first. But what happens next, once you’ve embraced your new body? How do you go about making sure that what you wear not only enhances your newly-found figure but also reflects your style, your individuality and your confidence? Also, one thing you learn quickly is that pregnancy bodies change fast! One day something fits and the next day it doesn’t cover your bump! That’s why I have pulled together some tips on how you can best style your bump this Spring and Summer!

#1 Ruching is your friend

Woman wearing dress by Maternity clothing rentals company

Anything with side ruching not only accommodates but also flatters your growing baby bump. Our Ripe Maternity Dahlia Cross Your Heart Dress is designed to do just that!

#2. Go bodycon

Pregnancy clothing in Canada

Embrace bodycon in this delectable blush ribbed dress by Rachel Pally. I was a little apprehensive at first when I started wearing bodycon dresses. I would look in the mirror and marvel (and gape) at how big my belly was. Then I decided to embrace it. Towards the end of my pregnancy, there was nothing I loved more than to show off my bump in a bodycon dress – because, why not?

#3 Rock the cold shoulder

maternity clothing in Canada

Keep cool and show off a little skin in this off-the-shoulder striped top by Ripe Maternity. Detailed with stripes, this top is perfect when paired with jeans or shorts for a laidback Saturday.

And speaking of jeans…

#4 Invest in a good pair of maternity jeans

maternity clothes

Your life will change. Trust me. This pair of stretchy jeans by James Jeans is made with stretch side panels to accommodate your bump. They are so comfy you’ll wonder why normal jeans aren’t made the same way!

#5 Opt for empire waists

rent my maternity wardrobe

Like side ruching, empire waists flatter your bump. They are a great alternative for mamas who prefer a looser A-line fit around their bump like this cute vintage inspired polka-dot print dress by Isabella Oliver. Dress up or down, this is the perfect desk to dinner spring dress.

#6 Size up in non-maternity wear

maternity clothing rentals

Not every maternity fashion woe can be solved by simply sizing up in your favourite fashion designer. You’ll want to look out for styles that don’t have zippers and that are either stretchy or flowy like this dreamy bohemian maxi dress by Misa Los Angeles that allows room for your baby bump!

#7 DVF made wrap dresses cool and they still are

pregnancy clothing in Canada

If in doubt, wrap dresses are the surest way to step out in confidence this spring. Rock this season’s latest baby blue trend in one of our most popularly rented dress this Spring: the floral wrap dress by Seraphine.

#8 Maxi dresses are comfy and stylish

maternity clothing in Canada

The best thing about spring is that you can wear life’s most flowy and comfortable dress: the maxi dress. Live your best beach life in this floral maxi dress by Ingrid & Isabel!

#9 Rock a cool, laidback mom vibe

maternity clothes

Wearing overalls was not something I though of as cool, it just wasn’t my style. Then I got pregnant and found a pair of cute overalls and never looked back! Pair these dungarees by Seraphine with sneakers, sunglasses and a cute top bun!

I hope some of these tips were helpful! As a first time mama, I struggled learning how to dress the bump so I’m glad I have the opportunity to share these tricks with other mamas who might be going through the same learning curve and who might be finding it difficult to find stylish and well-made maternity clothing in Canada.

This is why I started Sprout Collection! Sprout is a clothing rental subscription business that rents out clothing to expecting (and non-expecting) women on a monthly basis. We are based in Toronto but ship all over Canada.

1 box, 4 items, wear, return and repeat! We are giving away an exclusive $20 off your first box this Spring! Simply visit our website here, and use the code “SproutingWestEndMamas” and voila!

Happy Sprouting mamas!


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