Lower Back Stretches From a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist

Amy Gildner

Prevent or reduce lower back pain. These easy, daily back stretches are taught by Amy Gildner, Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist.

Hi guys, welcome back to day three of Stretch of the day. My name is Amy, I’m one of the physios here at  Oona.

Today I chose the low back to stretch. We’re gonna use child’s Pose and modifications of child’s Pose to try to achieve this. We’ll get started and I recommend using a mat for this because it can be a little bit hard on your knees. You’re going to get down on all fours. I like my knees, personally, a little bit wider. So if you’re using a yoga mat, about mats width is good. What you’re going to do is start off on all fours and start to lean back and put all of your weight on your heels, reaching forward as far as you can. I like to start off just doing it down the central midline so basically just reaching straight ahead. It feels good, it’s just a basic stretch for your lower back. I would hold here for about 60 seconds.

Then we’re going to start to bias either one side or the other. We’ll do the right side first. What you’re going to do from here is starting to reach all the way over to the left side. If you’re using a mat you want to actually reach off the mat, reach that left hand as far as it will go. You’re gonna place the right arm right on top of it and then you’re gonna jet your right hip back to that back corner of your mat. You’re going to feel a big stretch through that right low back. Feels great, I’m very tight. Again, you can hold this for about 60 seconds. Then you can switch, all you’re going to do to get the left side is reach all the way over to the right, placing that left hand on top of the right and you’re going to jet that left hip back this time. Oh yeah, feels good.

Alright, enjoy this one. I’ll see you tomorrow.


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