Learn How a Naturopath Can Help You Postpartum / Postnatal

Dr. Alexsia Priolo, Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Alexsia Priolo, Naturopathic Doctor, reviews how a virtual or in-person session with a prenatal and postnatal naturopathic doctor can help you after giving birth.

How can virtual visits support me in the postpartum? Sometimes the postpartum can be really tough and so we’re happy to help you out during this time. A couple of the common concerns that I see during the postpartum is mood support as well as lactation support. So let’s talk about mood support. First, with mood support, we typically will go ahead and use an individualized treatment of diet, lifestyle techniques, perhaps some vitamins and minerals to help support your mood. However, we’re also happy to work integratively with our psychotherapists, helping you achieve a happier mood. When it comes to lactation support, usually latch is typically the issue. So if you’ve already seen a lactation consultant amazing! If you haven’t, we usually direct you to see a lactation consultant just to help figure out if the latch is the issue. Because it usually is if you find that milk production is affected by things like stress or any other external factors.
Then we’re definitely happy to support you in that way. Then when it comes to things like lactation promoting herbs we’re happy to help guide you in which ones that you should choose because not all of them are created equal. [We will] help you find the most appropriate dose and the best product that you should try.

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