Inner Thigh Stretches From a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist

Amy Gildner

Learn how to safely stretch your inner thighs with Amy Gildner, Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist.

Hey guys, it’s Amy again. Back for another stretch of the day. Today we are targeting your inner thighs. I’m going to give you two modifications for this. One that’s a little bit easier more gentle, one that’s a little bit more extreme more intense.

We’ll start off with the gentle one. Just a simple butterfly stretch, we’re gonna lie on your back. Get your knees bent and all you’re gonna do is, keeping your feet together,  try to bring your legs out to the side. Anyone watching this will probably make fun of me. I have very very tight inner thighs. Do you love running? I do. I don’t have full flexibility, full range of motion. Some people can actually touch their knees down. I’m not one of them and maybe you are, maybe you aren’t.

I would hold here for, again, this is a stretch, I would like to hold for a little bit longer than a minute. I would normally hold it for about two to three minutes. I find it’s the type of thing that you will gradually go down and down as you kind of fall into the stretch a little bit more. If you have the time it’s a nice stretch to just lie in for a few minutes. Again, you’re feeling this through your inner side, through your groin region. If this is too easy the more intense version is a happy baby pose from yoga.

That will also be your option for your stretch of the day. Again, I’m quite tight, I’m not going to be able to do it to its full capacity. How I normally achieve it is if I reach through my inner thigh onto my ankles and then try to pull my knees towards my shoulders. Again, I just took a run today so this is really intense for me right now. Not a huge range of motion here. Some people are able to achieve much more than this but this is

where I’m today, so this is where I’m going to be. If this is too much, you can just hold on to your knees as well. Holding your knees, pulling your knees up towards you, you’re also going to get a good deep stretch here. Give it a try.

I’ll see you tomorrow

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