Getting In and Out of Bed Without Pain During Pregnancy

Dr. Olivia Avolio

Hey guys, it’s Dr. Sarah speaking to you from Oona. This is Dr. Olivia, she’s one of our chiropractors here at Oona. Today we’re going to be demonstrating how to get in and out of bed so that you’re protecting your core. Also how to turn over in bed so that you’re not in pain.

Okay, so the first thing we’re going to talk about is getting in and out of bed so that you’re protecting your deep, deep core, not making your diastasis worse if you have one, or not causing any other problems.

We’ll talk first about the things you shouldn’t do. So, we don’t like it here at Oona when moms flop down into bed and then jackknife out. That’s a flop, and then that’s a jackknife. The reason that’s not a great idea, it’s that when you jackknife out of bed like that, you’re basically doing a crunch and we’re not a huge fan of crunching in pregnancy. That’s a topic for another day, but that’s what not to do. Now in terms of what to do, we really like it if our patients kind of slide into bed.

So you’re going to sit at the edge of the bed just like Dr. Olivia is here and then she’s going to slide the hand that is closest to her pillow, which is the top there where the headrest is. She’s going to slide that down the side of the bed, towards the pillow, and land on her armpit. So that was one nice, smooth motion and then her legs come up. Now to come out of that position, she’s going to use her top arm and she’s going to push with her upper-body strength, and slide herself up like that. That’s going to avoid the jackknife.

Now in terms of what not to do, don’t slide down and end up on your elbow. If you end up on your elbow, that’s kind of like a side bridge and we don’t want that.

If you can show that to us one more time, Olivia. So slide down, down, down, down, down onto the armpit, perfect, and then her head’s on the pillow. And then feet up, perfect. So that is part one, and then she’s going to push herself up and we’re good, awesome.

Okay, so we’re going to take one more video and that’s going to teach you how to turn over in bed. Stay tuned for that.

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