Tracy Mwalumba | Doula at Oona Wellness Group | Toronto and Newmarket

Tracy Mwalumba (she/her)

Doula - Overnight and Postpartum Days

Tracy is driven by a profound commitment to supporting individuals across the entire reproductive spectrum.

Tracy is a certified Full-spectrum Doula, with advanced training including fertility, mental wellness, breastfeeding, and infant care.

Tracy brings a comprehensive and culturally-sensitive approach to her support services. She has spent time learning about international indigenous perinatal practices, which have deeply enriched her understanding and practice with a global perspective.

Tracy is deeply committed to providing tailored and compassionate care to the families she serves. Her goal is to offer unwavering support that is both empathetic and personalized, empowering individuals through their unique journeys with understanding and encouragement.

In her spare time, Tracy enjoys painting, meditation, and baking alongside her daughters, cherishing moments of creativity, reflection, and connection.

Postpartum Doula Pricing

  • 12-hour package: $520
  • 30-hour package: is $1230
  • Custom packages available

Overnight Doula Pricing

  • Singles: $320/night
  • Multiples: $360/night
  • Custom packages available

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