Teddie Buchner

Teddie Buchner (she/her)

Adult & Pediatric Occupational Therapist

Teddie is an Occupational Therapist with a focus on pediatric and maternal health. She is currently working towards her PhD in Occupational Therapy, focusing her research on maternal and infant mental health and attachment.

Teddie has worked as an occupational therapist in community mental health, school-based, and outpatient pediatric settings, eventually specializing in pediatric mental health and developmental trauma. Teddie has experience addressing orthopedic and orthotic needs, environmental modifications, adaptive communication, sensory processing challenges, visual motor deficits, community mobility needs, work ergonomics, wheelchair seating, and supported employment efforts.

Teddie has served as a Clinical Educator for four graduate OT programs, and has held a faculty position, teaching and serving as the academic fieldwork coordinator at Grand Rapids Community College. Teddie also managed Saskatchewan BlueCross Life and Disability department, providing education to the insurance company and employers regarding the impact of mental health in the workplace, and influencing recovery trajectories to enable members to successfully return to work after illness or injury.

Teddie carries the designation of Qualified Mental Health Professional. She is thrilled and excited to bring her many years of experience to the families at Oona to help with both their occupational therapy and mental health needs. She currently offers virtual appointments for Ontario residents and in-home appointments for the Niagara area.


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