Jen LeClair (she/her)

Doula - Births only

Jen lives in the West End of Toronto with her wonderful tween. She found her passion in learning about pregnancy, birth and postpartum when she struggled with fertility. She is a Full Spectrum Doula; a certified birth and postpartum doula. She has training in High Risk/Complicated Births and furthered her education to also include Fertility Coaching and Abortion Doula. In 2021 she completed two programs with the Centre for Mindfulness so she can bring a mindful and calm presence to guide you in whatever is happening.

Jen will be there for you throughout your pregnancy, be available for questions, referrals, how to prepare for birth, how to make decisions, postpartum planning, creating a birth plan and generally make you (and your partner – if you have one.) feel safe and prepared during this exciting time. No matter what kind of pregnancy you are having, or what your birth preferences are; any complications you may be experiencing, or what your health care providers are saying to you, you deserve a Doula who is confident, calm and supportive. Jen will work with you and your health care team, as an advocate for you to ensure that you feel validated, informed, and comfortable. She loves to see you feeling empowered and making the best decisions for yourself during labour and after your baby is born.

Birth Doula Pricing

  • $1750+HST

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