Ameda Platinum Breast Pump (rental)


The Ameda Platinum breast pump is a hospital grade / multi-user rental that is most used by hospitals such as Sick Kids, and Mt Sinai! If you’ve used an Ameda pump in the hospital, the Hygenikit you got in the hospital is compatible with both the rental & the portable Ameda pumps we have in our studios. No need to buy new pieces!

This is NOT a portable pump. It’s big and needs to be plugged in to use. It’s meant to be used in a single location for the duration of the rental period. As a hospital-grade pump, these pumps have higher suction than a smaller home pump.

A rental requires a HygeniKit to be able to use it, which must be purchased at the time of the rental if you don’t already have one. The collection bottles have a universal thread so collection bottles from other companies will fit on the pump.

Ameda vs. Medela

We get it – you’ve all heard of Medela pumps but Ameda may be new to you. Ameda is the most popular brand in Europe but it’s just starting to make a name for itself here in Canada. It’s the #1 most recommended brand by Lactation Consultants.

There’s a reason we carry Ameda and not Medela. The number one reason is the closed pump system which means that nothing is going to get into your pump, which means it’s safer for everyone. Beyond that though, this pump is incredible.

Why we love the Ameda Pumps:

  • They are user friendly, easy to assemble and take apart for cleaning
  • They have hospital grade suction and the widest wide range of breast flanges for optimal milk collection
  • They are a closed system, so no chance of milk getting into places that can’t be thoroughly cleaned!
  • All of the parts that you purchase to go with the Platinum pump also fit with the Mya Joy Plus, so no need to purchase different parts and learn a new system!
  • Any accessories or extra parts that may need to be purchased that we don’t carry, can be easily bought online
  • The comfortable suction effectively mimics the feeding cycle from a baby Ameda are the industry benchmark

Rental Cost:

The Ameda Platinum Breast Pump has a minimum 1-month rental period. The base rental fee is $95+HST per month. If you rent for 5 months, you’ll get the 6th month free. The pump requires a HygeniKit. If you don’t already have one, the kit is available for purchase for a one-time cost of $85+HST. Each additional month past the initial rental period is $95+HST per month up to a maximum of the current retail price for the breast pump.

Payment is due in full to reserve the unit. If Oona has to cancel your rental for any reason, we will provide you with a full refund.

Pick up:

Your rental period begins on the date that you pick up the pump – when you reserve your pump online, you’ll specify your pickup date on your rental agreement. The breast pump is available for pickup at either of our Toronto or Newmarket studios between 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 2pm on Saturday. Please don’t come to pick up the unit before you receive a confirmation from us – we’ll call you to confirm your rental booking within 1 business day, and we will confirm your pickup date at that time.

Please note: Insurance does not usually cover the cost of breast pump rentals, but we recommend you check your coverage as you just never know!

Rental Agreement

Click here to complete required agreementPlease select a rental period and pickup date to continue.

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