Oona’s 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

With the Holidays fast approaching, we’ve put together 10 of our favourite products for parents-to-be, new parents and babies. All of these products are Oona favourites, and are available for purchase at our Toronto studio. 

We invite you to visit our retail section right inside our clinics in Toronto and Newmarket.  

Gifts for Parents-to-Be and New Parents

Ab Wrap by Bellies Inc.

Like a gentle hug for your core, the Ab Wrap provides targeted support to your postpartum abdominal wall and pelvis while you restore your core from the inside out. 

We love that the Ab Wrap was designed by a team of pelvic floor physiotherapists and postpartum pelvic floor fitness specialists. Ab Wraps in various sizes are available in both of our studios, and may even be covered under your insurance!

Ab Wrap Bellies Inc sold at Oona Studios

Belly wrapping may play a role in:

  • Healing diastasis recti and encouraging re-alignment of the rectus muscles (the 6 pack)
  • Keeping the birthing parent warm (mother roasting)
  • Encouraging rest
  • Supporting the pelvis and the tissues in the abdominal wall
  • Guiding the postpartum person into restorative posture and alignment
  • Supporting the uterus in its return to its normal size (involution)
  • Improving circulation
  • Providing comfort and support – especially after cesarean births

The Ab Wrap is available in both of our studios.

Price: $94.00

Lactation Cookies by The Lactation Cookie Co.

These lactation cookies would make a great stocking stuffer. They are recommended by Lactation Consultants to help support your milk supply. We love these lactation cookies because they’re delicious and are filled with vitamins, minerals and nutrients that support breastfeeding people in their lactation journeys. 

Lactation Cookies by the Lactation Cookie Co. Sold at Oona Studios

We have Chocolate Chip, Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip, and Vegan Date available in both of our studios.

Price: $12.49

The Joeyband

Protip: this is Dr. Sarah’s favourite gift for new parents! The Joeyband is a giant stretchy piece of fabric with velcro on either side – while it doesn’t sound all that exciting, believe us – IYKYK.

When one of the Joeyband’s co-founders experienced her newborn baby falling off her chest while doing skin-to-skin, she knew she never wanted another family to experience the pain of an infant fall. Wearing a Joeyband is pivotal in the newborn phase because it allows you to sit or lie with your baby, hands-free (HANDS-FREE!), while still getting the skin-to-skin time that is essential, but also allowing the caregiver the freedom to use their hands for things like eating, drinking, reading, scanning tiktok, etc.  🙂 

The Joeyband sold at Oona Studios

The Joeyband is clinically proven and designed for prolonged skin-to-skin care. Studies show that babies held skin-to-skin:

  • Have stronger immune system
  • Are more ready to fight illnesses and disease
  • Are 12x less likely to cry
  • Sleep better and longer

It’s important to note that The Joeyband is not a carrier and not intended for co-sleeping or bedsharing. Its purpose is to promote skin-to-skin safely and to provide breastfeeding support. 

The Joeyband is available in both of our studios in 2 different sizes. 

Price: $65.00

Body Butter by Lovefresh

Another great stocking stuffer, the Lovefresh body butter smells heavenly. We love this Canadian-made product because it’s so hydrating, gets absorbed easily by the skin, and made with safe and natural ingredients like aloe vera, chamomile, white willow bark and calendula extracts. It’s also paraben and petroleum free. No nasty ingredients, locally-made, and smells like a dream.  It’s one of our absolute Oona Essentials.

Lovefresh body butter sold at Oona Studios

We carry the coconut lime, grapefruit and lemon verbena scents in our Toronto studio.

Price: $28.00

Eczema Butter by Lovefresh

Here’s another product we love by Lovefresh – the Eczema Butter. With natural healing ingredients such as Chamomile butter, mango butter and colloidal oatmeal, this rich barrier cream works to relieve irritated skin and soothe your eczema. Perfect for the winter months when our skin tends to get very dry, itchy and irritated.

Lovefresh eczema butter sold at Oona Studios


Like all LoveFresh products, it’s locally-made, with no nasty ingredients, and this product is fragrance-free! 

The Lovefresh eczema butter is available in our Toronto studio.

Price: $28.000

“Oh Baby” – Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

The therapeutic use of red raspberry leaf tea has been recorded since the 6th century and has been proven to shorten the second stage of labour (the pushing stage). Not to mention, red raspberry leaf tea provides a whole host of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. 

red raspberry leaf tea | pluck tea | Oona Wellness Group

Oh Baby tea is a collaboration between Oona and Toronto-based Pluck Teas – they’ve created this beautiful tea for us, in a delicious rooibos blend. It’s high quality, chemical-free and caffeine-free. We highly recommend drinking 2-3 cups daily starting around week 36 to tone your uterus and get you ready for your birth. 

Available at both of our studios.


$9.00 for $25g
$29.00 for $100g

Maternity Band by Angel Care

This product is an absolute Oona essential. The Angel Care Maternity Band is like your everyday belly band, but it also provides very gentle abdominal compression to relieve some of the pressure on your pelvis from having a heavy, pregnant belly. Wearing anything compressive can be tricky in pregnancy, so we want to be careful with these kinds of products – this one has just the right amount of compression without squeezing too tight. 

Angel Care Maternity Band sold at Oona Studios

This band is ideal for: 

  • Low back and lower abdominal support
  • Umbilical hernia support
  • Three-dimensional support of the abdomen and pelvis

We carry both the black and nude colours size 1-4 at our both of our studios.

Price: $50.00

Gifts for Babies

2.5 tog Sleep Bag by Loulou Lollipop

Sleep bags and sleep sacks help babies experience a restful night of sleep. They help make them feel warm, cozy and safe. We love this sleep bag by Loulou Lollipop because it has a 2-way zipper that opens around the bottom,which means easy diaper changes (especially those middle of the night ones!). It also has a sleeveless design, which allows babies to move their arms freely.

This sleep bag was crafted for sensitive skin, free of BPA, phthalates, PVC, led and cadmium, and breathable.  Plus, it’s so, so, SO SOFT.  

Loulou Lollipop 2.5 tog sleep bag sold at Oona Studios

The Sleep Bag is available in many different colours and patterns in our Toronto studio.

Price: $80.00

Suction Snack Bowl by Loulou Lollipop

When babies are just starting solids, snack and meal times can be messy. Babies are curious so they’ll want to pick up the bowl and turn it upside down, or even throw it on the floor (or across the room). 

Loulou Lollipop suction snack bowl sold at Oona Studios

This gorgeous bowl has a strong suction base that sticks to most tables and chairs, preventing your baby from picking it up and spilling all the snacks. 

This useful bowl is available in three colours in our Toronto studio.

Price: $21.00

Baby Bottom Butter by Lovefresh

Lovefresh’s baby bottom butter is a zinc-based salve that is perfect for soothing your baby’s irritated bottom. It’s made out of natural ingredients that help create a moisture barrier. Like all of Lovefresh’s baby products, this one is unscented, locally-made, and contains no chemical or nasty ingredients.  

Lovefresh baby bottom butter sold at Oona Studios

The baby bottom butter is available in our Toronto studio.

Price: $30.00

Visit Our Retail Section

We have many more products available in the retail section of our clinic that we know parents will love including exercise balls, compression stockings, vitamins (prenatal, Vitamin D), bibs, teething rings and pacifiers. 

If you’re looking for a gift for a new parent, a parent-to-be or their babies, stop by our studios in Toronto and Newmarket and pick up an item or two.

Gift Cards

If all else fails and you have no idea what the recipient would like, an Oona gift card might just be that perfect gift. It can be used towards any service or product at Oona. The only exception is that it can’t be used for at-home lactation consulting but everything else is game. You can get a physical card in our studios or purchase a digital gift card online.

Oona Digital Gift Card

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