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Franchising opportunities

Oona Wellness Group® has established itself as a dedicated, one-stop wellness clinic for Parents, Parents-to-be, their children and families. We are currently building a franchise network and looking for a select group of individuals who are passionate about health, wellness and motherhood. Our proven system offers our franchisees an opportunity to fulfill their entrepreneurial spirit while providing the support necessary to build a successful and profitable business. Please fill out the following form to find out more about Oona® and franchise opportunities in your area.

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A full-service wellness franchise for motherhood

Oona offers full-service for your community’s wellness needs. We have developed and refined a proven business concept dedicated to supporting our clients with a wide variety of products and services from fertility, prenatal, postnatal, pediatric and even whole family care that fully supports our clients and their families.

You can provide your clients with specialized wellness solutions

As an Oona franchise owner, you, too, can provide your clients with specialized wellness solutions that make it easier for clients to achieve the motherhood journey they are striving for. What’s better is you can do this with all the confidence and support in a growing health and wellness industry. With full access to all our exclusive resources, programs, marketing and sales techniques to help grow your own business, you’ll also be supported extensively by a team of experts there to support you every step of your own journey.

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The franchise program support

As an Oona® Franchise owner, you will benefit from our custom-designed support program, so that you can start and maintain your franchise business as efficiently and effectively as possible:

Frequently asked questions

Being an Oona® Franchisee means that you receive our proven systems and operations, as well as training and support in order to be able to execute those systems and operations effectively. We provide you with a business-in-a-box, which means that you have support for every part of your business, from location selection, to training, to ongoing support, marketing assistance, and more.

Oona® Franchises are best-suited to those who are passionate about working with the perinatal and pediatric population. While no prior business experience is required, it would definitely be helpful to have some prior people-management experience, and some experience with marketing to this population. Some understanding of the challenges facing the population we serve would also be useful, though not strictly necessary.

More than anything, our franchisors must be entrepreneurs at heart. This includes having great people skills, a strong work ethic, and a desire to work hard to get things done. Our franchisees must be owner-operated – this is not a business for someone who is an absentee owner.

The initial franchise cost is $25,000, and the remainder of the costs are linked to the space that you decide to lease and how much it costs to get it ready to operate. On average, you can expect that opening an Oona Franchise will cost between $250k-$500K depending on the size of the space you lease/operate and cost of your leasehold improvements.

Financing is not available directly from Oona® but we have relationships with bank partners to help you get your financing started.

There is a 6% top-line royalty fee paid to the Franchisor.

All franchisees are subject to a 2% national advertising fund fee, which includes your ongoing SEO and also pay-per-click setup. Advertising materials are distributed to franchisees as they are developed.

The franchise term is 10 years, with 5-year renewal terms.

We are accepting requests for franchises in all major Canadian cities, including Ottawa, Mississauga, Kitchener/Waterloo, Barrie, Edmonton, Vancouver, Calgary, Kelowna, Saskatoon, Regina, and more. We also welcome requests for franchises in smaller cities too – our studio in Newmarket is in an unusual location that services a huge catchment area (but is near the highway for easy access by car), and it’s wildly successful with clients attending from a 40+km radius.

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