Naturopathic Treatment – What to Expect

Dr. Alexsia Priolo, Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Alexsia Priolo, Naturopathic Doctor, provides guidance on what you can expect during your treatment plan.

What can I expect from my plan? Natural medicine takes time and because of that, you might start noticing some benefits after a little while of implementing your plan. What we do as naturopathic doctors, we will go ahead and create an individualized plan for you to help achieve your goals but ultimately it’s up to you to implement. If you’re finding that the plan that we created you know you thought it would mesh well with your daily routine. If it doesn’t, then reach out to us and we’ll have we’ll be really happy to troubleshoot that with you and figure out what we can do to make it work.

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Oona works with insurance companies to do online billing for treatments, whenever possible. Simply ask if your insurance company is compliant when you book your appointment.

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