Outer Thigh Stretches From a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist

Amy Gildner

Learn this essential daily thigh stretches with Amy Gildner, Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist

All right, it’s Amy again. Back with another stretch of the day. Today we are targeting the quads so the front of your thigh here. A couple of different variations on this; we’re gonna do a standing one and a side-lying one.

So starting off standing, it’s a pretty simple stretch. You want to do both sides with this. I’m gonna turn and face the side so you can see me. What you want to do is bring one leg up and try to touch that. Try to touch your heel to your bum. What you don’t want to do is too much of this, that’s gonna get into the hip a little bit too much. You want to maintain a fairly neutral spine and pelvis here. Really focusing on bringing the heel to the bum rather than up like this. You don’t want to lean forward, so again, you would hold here for about a minute on each side. That’s your standing version.

Side-lying, fairly simple you are basically just taking that and putting it on its side. I will again do the opposite one I’ll do my right one same position, you’re lying on your side you want your hips and knees in alignment. All you’re doing is kicking that one leg back, the same thing, trying to touch the heel to the bum. Should feel a big stretch through that thigh and the front. Again, 60 seconds on each side.

There you go, I’ll see you tomorrow.

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