Meet Infant & Child Sleep Expert, Dr. Denise Gassner

Dr. Denise Gassner, Infant & Child Sleep Expert

Hello, I am Dr Denise Gassner. A certified sleep science coach and family sleep expert here at Oona.

I’m going to take a stab and guess that you’ve navigated here because you’re tired. And you’ve got a sweet little baby or toddler or preschooler at home that despite your best efforts and intentions is just not falling into that sleep groove
that you anticipated. You are not alone in feeling this way, sleep is one of the most counter-intuitive and unexpected
behaviors of new parenthood.
I’m a momma of two and I was completely perplexed by how challenging it was to get a handle on sleep in our household. We, as parents, seem to think that sleep is going to just occur naturally. We all do it every single day of our
lives so our babies are at some point just going to fall into their natural rhythms. Right, well actually, sleep is a learned
behavior and it can take a great deal of finessing in order to get to that restorative quality that we’re aiming for.
I am here to help you navigate the murky waters of baby sleep. I have put well over a decade of behavioral research experience into understanding baby sleep from its core. How is it internally regulated, how does it morph, and develop across the first weeks months, and even years of life? And how can we, as parents, modify our approach to baby sleep
to meet our little ones where they are at. With both confidence and composure.
If any of this rings true to you let’s chat. Together we can put your sleep worries to rest so that you can focus on all of those beloved waking moments that you’ve been waiting for.

Need sleep? Learn more about healthy sleep foundations with Infant & Child Sleep Expert, Dr. Denise Gassner.

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