Activities for Toddlers From an Occupational Therapist (Part 1)

Karen Don

Learn easy activities to keep your little ones active while at home. Karen Don, Pediatric Occupational Therapist teaches you exercises to do with your toddler to practice climbing, walking, and pushing.

Hi everyone, my name is Karen. I’m an occupational therapist.

During these hard times that we’re all stuck at home, I just wanted to show you some activities we can do with everyday materials we find around. So the first thing is a laundry basket. I have an empty one here and I’m going to demonstrate some activities. My children will demonstrate. The first one, having it flipped upside down. Come here, where are my demonstrators?

When we’re flipped upside down, toddlers can climb on top, there we go. Sometimes we can encourage them to use this for walking or learning to walk. Standing, holding onto the edges, and pushing it. Yeah! Why don’t we push it. Come down and push it all the way down the hall.

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