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Janalee Ferreira (she/her)

Childbirth Educator, Doula - Births only

Janalee Ferreira is a dedicated and passionate birth doula based in Toronto. Having attended over 200 births, she brings a wealth of expertise and compassion to every delivery. 

Beyond her role as a birth doula, Janalee is also a certified Childbirth and Newborn Care educator, sharing her knowledge with expectant parents to help them embrace this significant phase of life with confidence and understanding. Her commitment to continuous training and learning ensures that she remains up-to-date with the latest practices and techniques, enabling her to serve families even more effectively. 

Janalee is deeply invested in helping individuals advocate for themselves in order to have the positive birth experience they’re looking for. She is happy to attend both home, hospital and birth centre births and both midwives and OBs refer to Janalee often for their patients and clients. 

When she’s not supporting families, Janalee finds joy in maintaining an active lifestyle. She spends lots of time at the gym, with a particular love for Crossfit and Olympic lifting, so that she can feel her best and bring her best to birth work. Meditation and reading are also essential elements of her self-care routine. In her downtime, Janalee also loves spending time with the babies she has supported in her doula role, fostering meaningful connections beyond the birthing experience. 

With her wealth of experience, unwavering commitment, and singular focus of empowering families, Janalee’s mission is to continue helping families figure out what they want and then making sure they get it. 

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