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Angelina Kiwanuka-Quinlan (she/her)

Doula - Overnights only

Angelina (she/her) has always had a love for babies and a fascination with being a parent.  She grew up with an idealistic view of what that would look like, until 2000 when her daughter was born. Breastfeeding was a struggle, even with tons of support, and PPMDs made things so much more challenging than she was willing to admit, so she started looking for information and resources. 

In 2001 she started her education process, over time training and/or certifying as an Antepartum, Labour, Stillbirthday and Postpartum doula as well as a Childbirth Educator and Perinatal Support Worker. 

Through the process she learned there’s no one right way, and that there’s little support for those who want or need to do something in the middle. As a result of wanting to fill that gap, many of Angelina’s 100+ clients have come from families of a variety of structures that are struggling to balance highly demanding jobs, limited or non-existent parental leave, becoming a new parent, and potentially PPMDs, and just need some support, some answers, and sleep. 

She currently exclusively works nights, and focuses on family adjustments, and nurturing good sleep habits, and gently encouraging baby(ies) to sleep through the night.  When not working, she loves curling up with a good book, jigsaw puzzles and hanging out with family.

Overnight Doula Pricing

  • Singles: $320/night
  • Multiples: $360/night
  • Custom packages available

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