Tens Machine (purchase)


Tens machines are a fabulous choice for safe and natural pain control for childbirth. The Perfect Mama Tens units are widely recommended by clients and midwives alike, as it allows birthing people to remain upright and move around during birth.

These tens units are also incredible for early labour, to get birthing people through the stage where they’re not quite yet at the hospital and before an epidural is administered (if an epidural is desired). Labour can be long – these tens units are an incredible tool for helping you through it! They are like a birth labour secret weapon.

Why we love the Perfect Mama TENS units:

  • They’re very, very easy to use. It’s very easy to stay in control of your pain relief with this small unit.
  • Preset programs are designed specifically for labour
  • Boost button – this allows the user to deliver a boost of pain relief, which is amazing for use during contractions.
  • Large electrodes cover more area for more pain relief
  • 60 levels of intensity – this allows for gradual increases in intensity of the stimulation

Our client feedback with these units has been incredible and we recommend these for all birthing people.

If you have insurance, your insurance will likely cover the purchase of one of these units with a doctor’s/midwife note (check your policy for details). These units can be used before and after your labour also, for general pain control, just like any other TENS machine. We also have these units available for rent if you prefer not to purchase one.

Pick up:

The Perfect Mama Tens Units are available for pickup at either of our Toronto or Newmarket studios between 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 2pm on Saturday. Please don’t come to pick up the unit before you receive a confirmation from us – we’ll call you to confirm your purchase within 1 business day, and we will confirm your pickup date at that time.

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