Practical Tips for an Easier Pregnancy and a Better Birth


Cost: In-Person: $10+HST. On-Demand: FREE

Duration: 1 Hour

Cost: In-Person: $10+HST. On-Demand: FREE

Duration: 1 Hour

Meet the facilitator(s)


Join one of Oona’s chiropractors as they walk you through some of the easy, at-home things that you can do to feel your best during pregnancy (did you know that pregnancy shouldn’t be painful?) and learn easy at-home tips on how get your baby into a better position for an easier birth.

In this workshop we’ll cover:

  • How to get in and out of bed without pain
  • The cause of common aches in pains during pregnancy including round ligament pain, low back pain, rib pain and “lightning crotch”.
  • Easy exercises to do at home to feel your best during pregnancy and for postpartum recovery
  • Easy, at-home exercises to encourage your baby into an optimal position for birth
  • Tips for at-home exercises to help you feel your best during pregnancy and leading up to your birth

Class / workshop facilitator(s)

Dr. Olivia Avolio (she/her) headshot

Dr. Olivia Avolio (she/her)ChiropractorTeaches in TORONTO

Dr. Olivia Avolio is a warm, compassionate and very experienced chiropractor with a thoughtful, evidence-based approach to treatment. She has a passion for perinatal and postnatal wellness, with a strong...

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Dr. Pegah Hajizargarbashi (she/her) headshot

Dr. Pegah Hajizargarbashi (she/her)ChiropractorTeaches in NEWMARKET

Dr. Pegah is a holistic, evidence-based chiropractor with a keen interest in prenatal and postnatal wellness. Dr. Pegah loves to help parents feel their very best. Dr. Pegah’s chiropractic treatments...

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