Yonit Jungreis (she/her)


Yonit is a CAPPA trained and certified postpartum doula. She has always been drawn to work with children and families. Before she became a doula, she was a child and youth worker for over 10 years, working with children and families from all walks of life. She found inspiration from her clients on a daily basis.

After her own pregnancies and the birth of her three children, she was inspired to become a doula as she realized that positive hands-on support is essential during pregnancy and in the postpartum period. This was something she immediately connected with.

Yonit sees herself as the “Mary Poppins” of doulas. She walks into homes and focuses on brightening the family’s day, whatever it may look like for them, each family with their own personal story and circumstances. She has the ability to adapt and adjust to their needs and offer support to them so they can get comfortable, feel confident and stronger, and acquire the necessary skills during the postpartum period. Fun fact: Yonit was a postpartum doula for our founder, Dr. Sarah!

Yonit believes in the importance of supporting and empowering new parents and their families and in simplifying the postpartum period. For her, it is an honour and a privilege to be involved in a family’s most intimate of settings and supporting them during such a memorable time in their lives. Providing care and support is a rewarding experience for Yonit and she cherishes every moment that she spends with the families.

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