Priyanka Gulati (she/her)

Physiotherapist - Pelvic and Orthopaedic, Pelvic Physio Team Lead

Priyanka brings a Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy and a Master’s degree in Women’s Health to her practice at Oona, and like all of our pelvic physios, has specialized training in orthopedic and pelvic health. She’s also a DONA-certified birth doula, being fortunate to attend over 100 births over the years, and teaches Lamaze Childbirthing education classes on weekends. Priyanka believes in providing a safe and confidential space to truly listen and understand her client’s needs and concerns.

With all of that experience and training, Priyanka has built a solid, loyal client base. Her training in pelvic floor dysfunction has included courses to assess and treat urinary incontinence, complex pelvic pain, sexual pain, prolapse, pre and postnatal, preparation for labour and delivery, post-surgical and post-menopausal care. She treats all genders and people over 18, offering support as you transition through various stages of life including through menopause and beyond. Priyanka is a fierce advocate for her clients, encouraging them to regain control of their body. She takes the time to really explain everything she’s doing with you. She’s so gentle and easy to talk to, Priyanka truly makes her patients feel at-home.

In her spare time she enjoys calligraphy, DIY home projects and keeping up with her two active kids!

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