Kathryn Sammut (she/her)

Physiotherapist - Pediatric and Pelvic

Kathryn has been a registered Physiotherapist since 2001 when she graduated from McGill University. She offers 17 years of experience in the area of pediatrics. She has seen infants, toddlers and children with gross motor delays and movement disorders in private, daycare, home and school settings. She is trained in both Neurodevelopmental Technique and Cueves Medek Exercise (Level I and II).

More recently she has continued her education in the area of pelvic health with a passion to help children and pregnant and postpartum people experiencing incontinence and bowel and bladder dysfunction.  She strives to hear each of her patients’ stories to identify the area that they most need help to build a strong foundation for movement and function.  She loves practicing in collaboration with the members of the health-practitioner team to serve her patients holistically together.

When not in the office, she can be found enjoying quality time with her family and friends, often on an outdoor adventure, and if possible, taking a moment to bask in the sun.


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